Documentary series and book featuring Canada’s biosphere reserves

Striking Balance:

A Breathtaking Documentary Series narrated by Jim Cuddy

In 2016, TVO started a journey across Canada to look at our nation's biosphere reserves in a two-season cinematic documentary series called Striking Balance. Each episode explores one particular biosphere reserve and highlights some of the local gems and what makes them special, from geological, ecological, historical and cultural perspectives.

Producers meet with the passionate residents on a quest to find a balance between economic prosperity and environmental protection. They also investigate the biosphere reserves as living laboratories by joining academics, citizen scientists and Indigenous knowledge-keepers in their research to create a more sustainable future for both Canadians and the environments in which we live.

Striking Balance showcases the biosphere reserves through visuals with connects the viewer with the reasons why the biosphere reserves were first protected. Season 1 can be streamed online through TVO and Season 2 will be launched later this year!

Sustaining Home:

A companion e-book to the Striking Balance series

Sustaining Home is the companion eBook for the Striking Balance documentary series. Published in 2016, Sustaining Home delves even deeper into our biosphere reserves - getting at the heart of what biosphere reserves are, and the principles and people that guide them. You’ll be introduced to all 18 Canadian biosphere reserves, and gain more insight into some of your favourite characters from Striking Balance. Sustaining Home continues the journey of discovery that just might change the way you think about the natural world, and our place in it.